Airports face similar pollutants to those found in industrial areas and near freeways, but they also have unique pollutants from unburned hydrocarbons generated by jet exhaust. To effectively filter these pollutants, a combination of standard high efficiency filtration and carbon adsorbents is required. Carbon adsorbents are used to remove VOCs, hydrocarbons, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, and sulfur dioxide, while high efficiency filters remove coarse particulates to increase the efficiency and lifespan of the adsorbent. Airport filtration designs should aim to eliminate jet fume odors from outdoor ventilation air, meet the National Ambient Air Quality Standard for outdoor air quality, and achieve a level of internally generated contaminants equivalent to 20 cfm/person of clean outdoor air as per ASHRAE 62-89 guidelines. Colorado Air Filter has several years of experience in providing clean air for airports with multiple types of products. Please let us provide a clean air survey for your airport buildings at no charge.


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