Proper air filtration can go a long way both at home and in commercial settings. Good air filtration provided by Colorado Air Filter for an office could increase productivity, for example, by removing microbes, dust, and pollen from the air. You can reduce the risk of someone getting sick or suffering allergies. You need to make sure that your air filters are actually doing their job. Let’s take a look for more information!

Have Filters Inspected Regularly

You should have your air filters inspected on a regular basis. Frequency can be impacted by things like local weather conditions, contaminants, such as pollen, the types of filters you have, and how often your HVAC system is running. A system that runs 24 hours a day may need to be inspected more often than one that operates for only a few hours a day.

Use Your Nose to Sniff Out Problems

If you find that you’re suddenly sneezing a lot, it could be because something is wrong with your commercial air filter. It may have been damaged or could have worn out faster than expected, for example. It’d be a good idea to bring in the right HVAC professionals for the job! If other people are reporting issues, make sure you consider that something could be wrong with the filtration system.

Use High-Quality Filters

Not all filters are equal. Some will simply do their job better than others. You can ask professionals if they have any recommendations when it comes to selecting a commercial air filter. You may have to spend a bit more to get the best filters, but in the long run, increased productivity can go a long way. High-end filters may also last much longer.

Have the Filters Changed Regularly

Even the best air filters will wear out eventually. You should have air filters changed on a regular basis. The good news is that doing so can pay for itself by reducing utility bills and improving productivity. According to, simply changing your HVAC system’s air filter can reduce energy consumption by 5% to 15%.

If you need help with changing a commercial air filter, get in touch at Colorado Air Filter. The right actions now could make a big difference, so don’t delay!